Victoria Brownlie

Chief Policy Officer

British Beauty Council


Victoria Brownlie is Chief Policy Officer at the British Beauty Council. She has more than fifteen years of experience influencing government policy and lobbying on issues from animal welfare to local government, construction and business.

During the pandemic, Victoria was instrumental in securing vital financial support and reliefs for the personal care sector, working with governments in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to ensure the salons on our high street, the brands that supply to retailers, had businesses to return to as the pandemic eased.

Within her remit at the British Beauty Council, Victoria is a champion of the sector for the role it has in the race to net zero, STEM, regulation and the future of the UK’s position in the world as a positive trading partner. She continues to highlight the beauty industry within the political consciousness as the driven, entrepreneurial, world leading and dynamic sector it is, and those within it whose careers are dedicated to making people feel like the best versions of themselves.


Having recently completed a further education University of Oxford course in sustainability, Victoria currently sits on the Steering Committee of the Council’s Sustainable Beauty Coalition, heading up the Government taskforce and driving change internally and externally.