Majella Lane PhD

Director, Skin Research Group

School of Pharmacy, University College London


Majella holds a degree in pharmaceutical science and a PhD in membrane transport. Her major areas of expertise include delivery of actives to and through the skin, biophysical approaches towards the elucidation of active-skin and formulation-skin interactions, mechanisms of active absorption in skin and topical formulation design and evaluation. To date she has published more than 180 peer-reviewed papers, supervised 35 PhD students, and mentored 18 postdoctoral research associates. Majella also acts as a consultant to many multinational companies, and she serves on the editorial board of several pharmaceutical science journals. She is the Chair of Skin Forum, an organisation that was established to promote interdisciplinary collaborations with reference to topical and transdermal formulations.  Her research group collaborates worldwide and she also hosts visiting scientists from academia and industry in her laboratory.