Filipe Almeida



Filipe Almeida is a 41 year-old Portuguese, coming from Coimbra. He has a degree on Chemical Engineering from the University of Coimbra, taken in 2003, and had a PhD on biomaterials, in particular on polymers and drug delivery systems, from the University of Coimbra and the Technology Institute of Chemistry and Biology of the New University of Lisbon, finished in 2010 . During the PhD, Filipe did research on the use of natural polymers as drug delivery systems to be used to treat side effects for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

In 2011, Filipe went to take a post doctorate in drug delivery systems as food supplements in the LCMT from the University of Basse-Normandy, in partnership with ADISSEO.

In 2012, Filipe joined Cosmetics Europe as Science Issue Manager, dealing with diverse topics, from Endocrine Disruptors, inhalation toxicity, consumer exposure, environmental behavior of cosmetic ingredients and microplastics.

In 2020, Filipe joined Cefic as Product Stewardship Manager, where he deals with the topics of polymers registration under REACH, Endocrine Disruptors and supports the activities on Microplastics.