Elsie Rutterford




BYBI Co-Founder Elsie Rutterford always associated beauty with creativity. The London native identified its expressive potential as a child, experimenting with hair and makeup in order to emulate a zeitgeist of forward-thinking fashion. In many ways, this early experimentation set the stage for BYBI—the visionary skincare alternative she leads today alongside Co-Founder Dominika Minarovic.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved beauty as a form of expression,” she affirms. “With BYBI, we endeavored to create affordable and clean skincare for all. We don’t want to put a price tag on skin health, but we do want to make natural skincare feel fun, fresh, and approachable.”

Elsie navigated her career through positions at Apple and Facebook, learning the ins and outs of some of the biggest technology companies in the world. While working in digital advertising, she met Dominika. The duo transformed a shared passion for clean beauty into the influential blog, book, podcast, and Instagram account, Clean Beauty Insiders​. Their D.I.Y. recipes and conscious approach to skincare galvanized an audience and set the stage for BYBI. With 100% clean ingredients and a staunch commitment to sustainability, the brand blossomed into an affordable and all-natural alternative available in mega-retailers Sephora and Boots across the UK and Europe in addition to ASOS, Revolve, and direct-to-consumer. Bringing BYBI to life and entering the U.S. market in 2020, Elsie emphasizes the boutique brand’s hands-on approach as a key to its integrity, speaking to her own creative inclinations.

“We formulate everything in-house and have a chemist and lab in London,” she goes on. “It’s rare for a company of our size, but it was important to allow us to guide our formulations and ensure we’re consistently pushing for quality and innovation. This process also enables us to stay close to our ingredient suppliers, meaning we are the first to know about the most exciting progression in naturals.”

In addition to remaining on the cutting edge of beauty, Elsie is a committed fitness enthusiast and dog  lover who enjoys cooking, baking, attending concerts, and visiting galleries. She is based in the BYBI London headquarters.