Dr Ranjit Bhogal

Senior Research Scientist & Project Leader



Dr Ranjit Bhogal obtained her PhD in Neuroscience at Kings College London. She joined Unilever’s Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre (SEAC) as a toxicological research scientist, before moving to Unilever’s exploratory research group. With over 20 years’ experience exploring the biological pathways underlying scalp conditions and hair follicle ageing, she is passionate about developing innovative topical and dietary scalp and hair actives through the application of novel technological advances in cell and molecular biology. As senior research scientist, she currently leads the Scalp & Hair Biology research group at the Unilever Colworth R&D site and is responsible for multiple internal and external global projects. She is particularly interested in the application of complex in vitro and ex vivo models that aim to mimic in vivo biology for testing hypotheses and developing novel actives.

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