Dominika Minarovic




Dominika Minarovic tells a new story for the beauty world. The Co-Founder of BYBI presents a clean paradigm of 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty free products. As such, the brand also wholeheartedly supports sustainability at the highest level, preserving not only skin health, but the environment as well.

“From day one, we were determined to alter the industry’s impact on the environment,” she affirms. “We’re taking action against climate change by offsetting and reducing our carbon emissions. We actively encourage others to carbon copy us to set the bar high and drive change within the industry.”

Splitting her childhood between Australia and Hong Kong, she fell in love with the “pampering element of beauty” ​ at home. With a passion for writing and journalism, she achieved a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Leeds and Master of Arts in Publishing from University College London. She transitioned from working in the literary world at companies such as Hachette Book Group to sales at Immediate Media Co., YuMe Inc, and AdRoll. Upon their introduction, Dominika immediately hit it off with Elsie Rutterford, bonding over wellness, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. Together, they built ​Clean Beauty Insiders into an influential blog, book, podcast, and social media presence in 2015 before joining forces again for BYBI two years later. With this foundation, the company immediately set a precedent with its in-house formulation and all-natural ingredients.

“Nothing on the market appealed to us as mainstream consumers,” she explains. “We were looking for natural, efficacious skincare that looked great on your bathroom shelf, but was also underpinned by true sustainability ethics. The Clean Beauty Insiders community reinforced the demand, so we decided to create BYBI to fill the gap.”

That’s exactly what it did. The products made a big splash in Sephora and Boots throughout the UK and Europe as well ASOS, Revolve, and direct-to-consumer.

Outside of BYBI, Dominika is an avid Barry’s Bootcamp enthusiast and spends as much time as possible working out at her husband’s gym.