Chair – Jennifer Hirsch

Botanical Consultant

Beauty Botanist


Jennifer Hirsch is a botanical consultant working with beauty, food and beverage companies from blue sky to press launch and beyond. Her specialty is using botanical ingredients and storytelling to build brand value and loyalty with the customer while creating efficacious products with plants at their core. Jennifer has wielded her botanical wand over start up brands laying down the foundation of their philosophy and ethos all the way through the spectrum to global multinationals looking to connect their customer to their values through the ingredients in the bottle.

She works with government bodies and international NGOs as well as brands and businesses, researching botanical business diversifications, beauty, and the economic benefits the trade in plants and plant products can bring for local communities.

Jennifer draws on a foundation in botany and the curation of collections laid down inside the hallowed walls of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. An understanding of plants from the chemical and structural to the biodiversity of life interwoven with a particular plant enables her to tell the story of a crop in a meaningful way. Curiosity keeps her researching, learning and developing new ways to apply that knowledge to the best advantage of plants and people.