Skin Research Centre Tour at Hull York Medical School

Get ready for an exciting afternoon tour of the Skin Research Centre at Hull York Medical School on 3 September, from 14:00 to 17:00.

Led by Professor Tarl Prow, this event will feature a first-hand look at ground-breaking innovations. Discover new minimally invasive sampling techniques, cutting-edge dermal and transdermal delivery technologies, and formulation expertise presented by our early and mid-career researchers. Engage in a dynamic workshop (In collaboration with Cosmetics Cluster UK) discussing unmet industry needs and explore the most effective ways academia and industry can collaborate. Finally, we’ll visit the Bioscience Technology Facility at the University of York to experience how our expertise and technology can revolutionize your research. Don’t miss this chance to be part of something extraordinary!

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Hull York Medical School bring together world-leading skin scientists, clinicians and advanced technology experts to improve skin health. Our goal is to meet the medical needs in skin health and make a difference in people’s lives. From scientific discovery to clinical research and production, our mission is to have a profound and lasting impact on skin health worldwide.
The Skin Research Centre, an integral part of the Experimental Medicine and Biomedicine research group at Hull York Medical School, employs an innovative and translational approach to skin research.