Reducing the environmental impact of plastics used in cosmetic packaging through sourcing and design

Time: 17:30 - 18:00

Date: Wednesday 7th July


The reliance on plastics for packaging face creams, cosmetics, and other personal care products is well known. This material is light, flexible, sturdy and can be used to manufacture innovative packaging systems at a low cost.  Products packaged in plastic can be more cost-effective as well as transported further and more easily than those packaged in heavy, delicate glass.

Changing consumer attitudes and greater environmental awareness, particularly of plastic waste is driving the sustainability agenda.  Businesses have a choice: change now or follow later.

But … there is more to integrating sustainability into cosmetic products and services than simply replacing currently used plastic material with often less effective non-plastic alternative materials.  Cosmetic companies need to think about consider the design, manufacture, choice of material, end of life and life-cycle assessment of their products and processes to decide what is best for their product.  Often, well designed and sourced plastic packaging provides the most sustainable approach.

This presentation will review the status of plastics used in the cosmetics industry, explaining how legislation is incentivising recycling, but not biodegradability.  It will explore highlight approaches for cosmetic companies have in making to develop more sustainable their plastic packaging more sustainable identifying potential pitfalls and opportunities.


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