Connecting the Cosmetic Sector to Palm Oil Smallholders: Challenges and Opportunities

Time: 16:00 - 16:30

Date: Tuesday 6th July


We will investigate why, in a science-based industry, there is still so much room for interpretation, and what this means for the future.


More than 3 million smallholders and small-scale farmers make a living from palm oil globally. While their farmlands are small compared to industrial plantations, smallholders account for about 40% of total global palm oil production, making smallholders significant contributors towards a sustainable oil palm industry. In order to support the Smallholders journey towards sustainability RSPO has developed the Independent Smallholders Standard (ISH) aimed at increasing the inclusion of smallholders into the RSPO system through a mechanism which takes into consideration the diversity in challenges and situations faced by smallholders globally, together with their varying needs and concerns. When Smallholders get certified they can sell their material via physical supply chain or virtually via the RSPO ISH credits.  The complexity of the oleochemical sector, with many actors along the supply chain, makes the Credits system a viable solution to many companies who want to incorporate sustainability principles into their purchasing strategic plans. During the presentation RSPO can highlight the challenges of the smallholders and why it is important to support them as well as presenting in detail the supply chain models and RSPO credits system.


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