Glycolipids – a new era in natural cleansing

Time: 17:30 - 18:00

Date: Tuesday 6th July


Consumers all over the world are showing a growing interest in all-natural products, reflecting the trend towards sustainability, well-being and leading a healthier lifestyle. As a result, people are paying more attention to the products they are consuming, and natural ingredients are most commonly associated with being pure, safe and sustainable. However, consumers who demand eco-friendly and natural cosmetic products have had to accept compromises in terms of performance so far, especially in the area of cleansing products where identifying high performing, fully natural ingredients has proven to be particularly difficult.

A breakthrough in industrial biotechnology has recently enabled the commercial production of nature-identical rhamnolipids by fermentation in high purity from sugars as a 100% renewable feedstock. Moreover, the sugars used for the production of the glycolipids are exclusively from agricultural resources traceable to the plantation site.

The glycolipids combine unprecedented environmental compatibility with high performance in various formats and applications: RHEANCE One provides maximum mildness without compromising on effective cleansing, while generating a dense, copious and creamy foam quality with a pleasant soft touch.

The Glycolipids from Evonik open up a new dimension for formulating sustainable and natural cosmetics – even for the most demanding skin types


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