Responsible Beauty from Nature Inspired Sustainable Ingredients

Time: 16:00 - 16:30

Date: Wednesday 7th July


Sustainability is at the heart of the many cosmetic manufacturers strategy and many adopted an approach that focuses on eco-friendly design in all aspect of their operation. The request for natural beauty products is growing all around the world as more and more consumers reject chemical-based formulations in favor of alternatives perceived to be better for them and the environment.

At Israeli Biotechnology Research, an IFF- Lucas Meyer cosmetics company, we believe that nature holds the solution and we always turn to nature when seeking ideas for skin beauty and wellbeing. We do so by studying botanical phenomena and matching these to challenges of skin aging and appearance. Our actives maintain the body’s healthy function, strengthen its defences against environmental aggressions, delay the signs of aging, and address other modern-day cosmetic challenges.

Nested at the heart of the middle east, Israel is a bridge between Africa, Asia and Europe with no less than four different geographical zones with climate ranging from semi-arid to temperate to subtropical. All of this makes Israel home to a stunning variety of plants. Mediterranean is characterized by two major environmental stress factors: relatively long period of summer drought and relatively mild and short winters. Both factors, trigger the generation of (photo)oxidative stress. Plants grown in the Mediterranean orchestrate an arsenal of structural, physiological, biochemical, and molecular mechanisms to withstand such environmental injuries presenting interesting potential source for bioactive molecules. We are proud to have our plant biomass grown locally, never destabilizing the endemic flora by irresponsibly harvesting from the wild and at the same time introducing the cultivation of new plants in a stable manner.

Sustainability is a major pillar in Lucas Meyer Cosmetics operation. From green conscious sourcing to the way the product is made. At Israeli Biotechnology Research we use locally and commercially cultivated biomass, grown next to the production site to reduce our carbon footprint. We have long term corporation agreements with local growers contributing to the local agriculture economy. We enjoy our partners expertise in advanced agricultural techniques, enabling thriving crops even in the arid Mediterranean weather. Minded about the environment and water usage our growers use advanced irrigation methods, organic practices or techniques that enable better pesticide control.

We use natural and environmentally friendly extraction methods, no use of chemical solvents or processing aid, no chemical waste is being generated and all biomass waste is being recycled as compost.

Israeli Biotechnology Research are committed to responsible sourcing and are continuously reviewing supply chains to ensure we are using the most sustainable ingredients. Committed to eliminating waste, we take any advantage to regenerative sourcing. Several of our products use waste of other industries (like food industry and herbal medicine industry) as starting biomass, providing a new revenue source to our suppliers.

In this talk we will exemplify our environmentally friendly product development approach through some of our Mediterranean inspired cosmetic solutions.


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