Discovery in Dermatology and its Translation for the Skin Care Industry

Time: 14:30 - 15:00

Date: Wednesday 4 September


Most successful business academic partnerships have a shared purpose that benefits society, focuses on the long term and values outputs that go beyond scientific publications and new technology. Research collaborations in dermatology are no exception and a fostering of an entrepreneurial and translational mindset within the team are essential to truly leverage all the expertise and talent available, providing maximum value for both the business and the university.
Research translation in dermatology has been the catalyst for much progress in the cosmetics industry and leads not only to new products for consumers, but has also been important in pushing on new claims territories and providing education to members of the public. Retinol, peptides and other products in skincare can directly trace their origins back to research programs. In addition, research has helped us to better understand the changes in skin over time, helping us to make more relevant and meaningful claims to our consumers. This is not only in ageing-related changes to skin appearance, but also in UV protection. Further to this, it is important for us to use and disseminate dermatology research to increase the knowledge the public have about their skin and how different factors can impact its health, helping them to make the best choices for their skin.
Dermatological research has been and continues to be the bed rock of the cosmetic industry and if we manage to ask the right questions and translate with excellence the answers, then we can make an important contribution, helping people achieve healthy skin for them, for life.


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