Expert Panel & Debate

Time: 16:30 - 17:30

Date: Thursday 8th July


Seven years ago I gave a talk about telling the truth at SCS Formulate. The gist of my talk was that every brand has a story to tell about its history, values, choices and USPs. And this story needs to be authentic and true. If that’s the case, the brand will find an audience. It’s when brands start to tell truths that don’t belong to them that things can go badly wrong for them with everyone from their Instagram following to their customer to the ASA. These untruths, I argued, come in shades from pseudoscience nonsense (clean) to green washing to over-claiming to outright lies, and are a breach of trust with the consumer. In the age of Instagram and the blogger, you’re likely to not only get caught out, but have it broadcasted to thousands and thousands of current and potential customers. So please, I pled, just tell YOUR truth.

All these years on, there’s a part of me that would love to think the same holds true, but I’m not sure it does. And for reasons that give me hope and optimism for our future on the planet: the consumer expects us to be ever more sustainable and working hard at it. So where does that leave a brand who simply isn’t interested in ‘doing the right thing’ by our planet? Is there an audience for their truth? And just what does ‘doing the right thing’ look like? We’ll be talking about how that truth can look, from refilling and packaging all the way back up the chain to sourcing in the expert panel on July 8th. Come join us and lend your voice and perspective.


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