Cosmetic Claims in the Current Climate

Time: 14:30 - 15:00

Date: Thursday 8th July


As is the case for most consumer products, claims are an extremely important part of the cosmetics industry.  They allow manufacturers to speak to their consumers and communicate the benefits of their cosmetic products; they may be the first interaction a consumer has with a cosmetic.  However, again as with all claims, consumers must not be misled.  Consequently cosmetic claims are regulated, not only by the Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, but by Article 20 of the UK Cosmetics Regulation and the EU Regulation on Common Criteria for Cosmetic Claims.

However, cosmetic claims, and advertisements in the UK in general, are controlled through a system of ‘self-regulation’.  With self-regulation comes responsibility, the responsibility to adhere to the principles of advertising codes and requirements.

All of these obligations apply irrespective of the cosmetic claim or the product type involved and whether there are new and emerging claims or those which are more established.

With this in mind, the presentation will address current common claims, in particular environmental and green claims, and highlight the key considerations companies should be addressing when seeking to make such claims.


Presentation outcomes:

Attendees will learn more about the regulatory framework covering cosmetic claims and how they should be applied to current popular claims, with a particular focus on environmental and green claims.


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