Naturals, Sustainability and What it Means to the Consumer Within Personal Care

Time: 15:45 - 16:15

Date: Thursday 8th July


Sustainability and naturals are ideas and practices that resonate differently with consumers. For many, their products, brands and ingredients being sustainable is of the utmost importance when making decisions within personal care and beauty while for others it has little to no importance at all. ​

Over the last 10 years we have seen both consumers and manufacturers take a greater responsibility in the impact they have on the world which for personal care has manifested in elements such as packaging and ingredients becoming increasingly scrutinised. But do these products continue to resonate with the consumer and ultimately still satisfy their needs?​

Kantar: Worldpanel Division has taken a look at the impact of this on categories, products and brands over the last few years ultimately discovering where the industry can win in this space and who with. We will also address the impact of COVID-19 and give our views on the future impact naturals could have within the cosmetics market.


  • Roz Wade Global Consumer Insight Director - Kantar

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