Future Education Forum – Hosted by CCUK

Time: 07:30 - 09:00

Date: Thursday 5 September


The UK higher education landscape for those interested in courses targeting careers in the cosmetics industry, currently comprises 15 courses from 8 providers (UCAS) in addition to the courses provided through the SCS. Only two Universities provide an undergraduate degree in cosmetic science, with others leaning into either chemistry or pharmaceutical sciences. More recently, cosmetics branding and cosmetics enterprise have been added as postgraduate courses.

The CCUK skills and Education report from 2023 suggested that pathways and signposting to careers in the more technical end of the beauty industry is still poor and prospective students are having to do their homework to find relevant courses to take them into a career of choice.

This workshop invites participation from industry and universities to discuss the ‘UK offer’ to prospective learners and to highlight trends in science that are or will be needed by the industry in the next 5 years and how/where these will be taught.


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