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Eco-Responsible Formulating for the Beauty Industry

Formulating eco-conscious formulations for the beauty industry goes beyond the ingredients included but also relies on the consideration of the how the product is made and used by the end user. As consumers re-evaluate purchases and favour products with eco-ethical considerations, how we put together formulations is more important than ever. This talk will examine… Read more »

How BYBI are building beauty’s first carbon negative supply chain

Listen to how BYBI, a skin positive, pro-planet beauty brand, have built a climate conscious range, setting a new sustainable standard in beauty. Hear about the results of their internal carbon report, what steps they’re taking to become carbon negative and all the challenges they’ve faced along the way. Plus, how their new retail partner, Target, supports and… Read more »

Naturals, Sustainability and What it Means to the Consumer Within Personal Care

Sustainability and naturals are ideas and practices that resonate differently with consumers. For many, their products, brands and ingredients being sustainable is of the utmost importance when making decisions within personal care and beauty while for others it has little to no importance at all. ​ Over the last 10 years we have seen both consumers and manufacturers take a greater… Read more »

Responsible Beauty from Nature Inspired Sustainable Ingredients

Sustainability is at the heart of the many cosmetic manufacturers strategy and many adopted an approach that focuses on eco-friendly design in all aspect of their operation. The request for natural beauty products is growing all around the world as more and more consumers reject chemical-based formulations in favor of alternatives perceived to be better… Read more »

Embracing Sustainability: Important Practices in Cosmetics

Sustainability has never been a more significant issue across industries, and cosmetic industry is no exception. Cosmetics, like all consumer products on the market, have an impact on sustainability throughout their lifecycle. Their entire supply chain, from raw material inputs, through manufacturing, packaging, distribution and wholesale, to retail, consumer use and disposal will leave a… Read more »

Changing attitudes towards natural and sustainable, what’s your position?

What does natural really mean? What does it mean to be sustainable? Surfachem’s presentation will explore the ambiguity surrounding the definitions of ‘natural’ and ‘sustainable’, highlighting different stakeholder attitudes, including brands, formulators, consumers, retailers and the mainstream media.