The Naturals in Cosmetic Science Conference

The world of natural cosmetics is evolving. A natural positioning is becoming increasingly important to consumers due to its association with safety, sustainability and a low environmental impact.

However, consumers are not prepared to compromise on product performance and this accompanied by developments in technology mean that we have moved a long way from simple natural material additions to today’s complex formulations delivering high performance products.

The comprehensive three day online programme of this SCS Conference will feature key experts on sustainable sourcing of our industry’s key feedstocks plus certification bodies and standards that consider different aspects of naturalness and environmental impact. We will also be hearing about trends in natural cosmetics and the experience of consumer goods companies operating in this field.

About the SCS Annual Conference

The ‘Naturals in Cosmetics Science Conference’ continues the SCS Annual Conference series which focusses on alternate years on the broad topics of “Science” and “Nature”. These series of conferences cover a range of topics and themes and provide a level of discussion of the current topics in cosmetic science that you won’t find elsewhere.

The cosmetics industry is a dynamic and constantly changing environment. In terms of science, technology, regulation and the commercial market we operate in, there is a constant drive for advancement. The aim of this years SCS Conference is to bring us up to speed with those developments and prepare us for the years ahead.  It is one of the core aims of the SCS to provide opportunities for education and continued professional development in the area of cosmetic science and the agenda has been created with this in mind.

In personal care technological advances come in many different forms, from a greater understanding of the properties of the skin to a new test method for UV protection to a new way of assessing how consumers interact with their products.